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Register Management Cluster

Register Management Cluster

Apart from having Sveltos to manage add-ons on managed clusters, you can have it on management clusters as well. By management cluster, we refer to the cluster where Sveltos is deployed.

Option 1: sveltosctl Approach

To register the management cluster to Sveltos, the sveltosctl binary can be used. If the sveltosctl binary is not installed in your system, follow the instructions here.

Please note: The kubeconfig should point to the management cluster.

$ sveltosctl register mgmt-cluster

This will create a SveltosCluster in the namespace mgmt representing the management cluster.

Option 2: Standard Register Cluster Approach

If you want to register the management cluster as any other cluster with Sveltos, follow the instructions found here.

Once the management cluster is registered, Sveltos can be used to deploy helm charts, kustomize files, and YAMLs to the management cluster as well. This makes it easier to manage add-ons and applications across multiple clusters, including the management cluster.