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Sveltos Kubernetes Add-on Controller - Simplify Add-on Management in Kubernetes

What is Sveltos?

Sveltos is a Kubernetes add-on controller that simplifies the deployment and management of Kubernetes add-ons and applications across multiple clusters whether on-prem, in the cloud or a multitenant environment.

Sveltos runs in a management cluster. It assists users in programmatically deploying and managing Kubernetes add-ons and applications to any cluster in the fleet, including the management cluster.

Sveltos supports a variety of add-on formats, including Helm charts, raw YAML/JSON, Kustomize, Carvel ytt, and Jsonnet.

Sveltos in the management cluster


  • Observability: Sveltos offers different endpoints for notifications. The notifications can be used by other tools to perform additional actions or trigger workflows. The supported types are Slack, Teams, Discord, WebEx, and Kubernetes events.
  • Templating: Patching the rendered resources made easy! Sveltos allows Kubernetes add-ons and applications to be represented as templates. Before deploying to the managed clusters, Sveltos instantiates the templates with information gathered from either the management or the managed clusters. This allows consistent definition across multiple clusters with minimal adjustments and administration overhead.
  • Orchestrated Deployment Order: The Sveltos CDRs (Custom Resource Definition) are deployed in the exact order they appear in the definition file. That ensures a predictable and controlled deployment order.
  • Multitenancy: Sveltos was created with the multitenancy concept in mind.Sveltos ClusterProfile and Profile resources allow platform administrators to facilitate full isolation or tenants sharing a cluster.
  • Events: Sveltos Event Framework allows the deployment of add-ons and applications in response to specific events with the use of the Lua language. That allows dynamic and adaptable deployments based on different needs and use cases.

Why Sveltos?

Sveltos was built to address the challenges posed by various CI/CD tools. Sveltos was designed to complement or even replace existing GitOps tools, and its integration with Flux CD significantly enhances the GitOps approach at scale.

Key features of Sveltos include multitenancy, agent-based drift notification and synchronisation, and resource optimisation. These features ensure secure, reliable, and stable deployments of Kubernetes add-ons and applications, while reducing operational costs in both on-prem and cloud environments.

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