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Sveltos Kubernetes Add-on Controller - Simplify Add-on Management in Kubernetes

Are you struggling to manage Kubernetes add-ons across multiple clusters on different cloud providers or infrastructures? You're not alone! But we have great news - Sveltos is here to help.

Sveltos is a lightweight application designed to manage hundreds of clusters effortlessly. Sveltos Kubernetes add-on controller simplifies the deployment and management of add-ons in Kubernetes clusters. With Sveltos controller, you can easily automate the deployment process and ensure consistency across your cluster environment. Plus, Sveltos provides platform admins with a solution for multi-tenancy, making it even easier to manage permissions for tenant admins.

But that's not all! Sveltos not only helps you scale the number of clusters you can manage, but it also provides visibility into exactly which add-ons are installed on each cluster. So you can stay on top of your cluster management game and never miss a beat.

Say goodbye to the headache of managing Kubernetes add-ons across multiple clusters and hello to Sveltos - your new best friend in cluster management!

Add-on Distribution


  • Create templates to express add-ons
  • Use templates to instantiate add-ons from management cluster values

Addon Compliances

Event Driven Framework

Other Features

Sveltos addons

Core Concepts

Sveltos is a set of Kubernetes custom resource definitions (CRDs) and controllers to deploy kubernetes add-ons across multiple Kubernetes clusters.

  1. ClusterProfile CRD is the CRD used to instruct Sveltos on which add-ons to deploy on a set of clusters;
  2. Sveltos manager is a controller running in the management cluster. It watches for ClusterProfile instances and cluster instances (both CAPI Cluster and SveltosCluster). It orchestrates Kubernetes addon deployments: when a cluster is a match for a ClusterProfile instance, all add-ons listed in the ClusterProfile instance are deployed in the cluster;
  3. Classifier CRD is the CRD used to instructs Sveltos on how to classify a cluster;
  4. Classifier is a controller running in the management cluster. Its counterpart, Classifier Agent is a controller running in each managed cluster. Classifier distributes Classifier CRD instances to any managed cluster. Classifier Agent watches for cluster runtime state (kubernetes version and/or resources deployed) and Classifier CRD instances. It reports back to management cluster whether a managed cluster is a match or not for each Classifier instance;
  5. RoleRequest CRD is the CRD used to allow platform admin to grant permissions to tenant admins;
  6. Sveltosctl is the Sveltos CLI;
  7. Techsupport CRD is the CRD used to instruct Sveltos to collect tech support, both logs and resources, from managed clusetrs;
  8. Snapshot CRD is the CRD used to instruct Sveltos on collecting configuration snapshots;
  9. SveltosCluster is the CRD used to register a cluster with Sveltos (only non CAPI powered cluster needs to be manually registered with Sveltos);
  10. Drift detection manager is a controller running in each managed cluster. It watches for Kubernetes resources deployed by ClusterProfiles set in SyncModeContinuousWithDriftDetection mode. Anytime it detects a possible configuration drift, it informs management cluster so that a re-sync happens and the cluster state is brought back to the desidered state expressed in the management cluster;
  11. ClusterHealthCheck is the CRD used to configure Sveltos to send notifications when certain conditions happen.

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We would love your suggestions, contributions, and help!

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