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Sveltos Available Articles

  1. Deploy Kubernetes add-ons
  2. Centralised Resource Display for Multiple Kubernetes Clusters
  3. Sveltos and Kustomize
  4. Sveltos, Carvel ytt and Flux
  5. Kubernetes Cluster Management and Cloud Automation with ClusterAPI, Crossplane and Projectsveltos
  6. Event driven add-on deployment
  7. Sveltos Health Validation and Dependencies
  8. Scaling Event-Driven Applications Made Easy with Sveltos Kubernetes Cross-Cluster Configuration
  9. Sveltos Event Framework and Cilium Gateway API
  10. Sveltos DryRun Capability
  11. Sveltos: Simplifying Kubernetes Add-on Deployment and Constraints
  12. Simplify Sveltos and Flux integration
  13. Handle long running tasks
  14. L4-L7 with Sveltos
  15. Using Projectsveltos to Manage Kubernetes Add-ons on Civo Cloud Clusters
  16. Flux and Sveltos
  17. Multi-tenancy with Sveltos

Sveltos Video List

  1. Rawkode Academy: Hands-on Tutorial of Project Sveltos
  2. KubeVela Commmunity Meeting:Sveltos intro
  3. Collabnix, Docker and DevOps Show-n-Tell
  4. Simplify Add-On Management in K8s with Sveltos | Kubesimplify Webinar
  5. Conf42 DevOps 24
  6. Conf42 2023
  7. Sveltos introduction
  8. Sveltos features presentation
  9. Sveltos multi-tenancy
  10. Sveltos overview
  11. Sveltos DryRun mode
  12. Sveltos Snapshots
  13. Sveltos Rollback

😻 Contributing to projectsveltos

❤️ Your contributions are always welcome! If you want to contribute, have questions, noticed any bug or want to get the latest project news, you can connect with us in the following ways:

  1. Open a bug/feature enhancement on github contributions welcome
  2. Chat with us on the Slack in the #projectsveltos channel Slack
  3. Contact Us

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