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ClusterProfile Example


A ClusterProfile can have a combination of Helm charts, raw YAML/JSON, and Kustomize configurations.

Consider a scenario where you want to utilize Kyverno to prevent the deployment of images with the 'latest' tag1. To achieve this, you can create a ClusterProfile that:

  • Deploys the Kyverno Helm chart
  • Deploys a Kyverno policy that enforces image validation, ensuring the image specifies a tag other than 'latest'

Download the Kyverno policy and create a ConfigMap containing the policy within the management cluster.

$ wget
$ kubectl create configmap disallow-latest-tag --from-file disallow-latest-tag.yaml

To deploy Kyverno and a ClusterPolicy across all managed clusters matching the Sveltos label selector env=fv, utilize the below ClusterProfile."

  kind: ClusterProfile
    name: kyverno
    clusterSelector: env=fv
    - chartName: kyverno/kyverno
      chartVersion: v3.0.1
      helmChartAction: Install
      releaseName: kyverno-latest
      releaseNamespace: kyverno
      repositoryName: kyverno
    - kind: ConfigMap
      name: disallow-latest-tag
      namespace: default

  1. The ':latest' tag is mutable and can lead to unexpected errors if the image changes. A best practice is to use an immutable tag that maps to a specific version of an application Pod.