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Helm chart values and resources contained in referenced ConfigMaps/Secrets can be defined as template. Such templates instantiation happens at time of deployment reading values from managament cluster.

For instance, following ClusterProfile will deploy calico in any matching CAPI powered cluster fetching Pod CIDRs from CAPI Cluster instance.

kind: ClusterProfile
  name: deploy-calico
  clusterSelector: env=fv
  - repositoryURL:
    repositoryName:   projectcalico
    chartName:        projectcalico/tigera-operator
    chartVersion:     v3.24.5
    releaseName:      calico
    releaseNamespace: tigera-operator
    helmChartAction:  Install
    values: |
          {{ range $cidr := .Cluster.Spec.ClusterNetwork.Pods.CIDRBlocks }}
            - cidr: {{ $cidr }}
              encapsulation: VXLAN
          {{ end }}

Any resource contained in ConfigMap/Secret can also be defined as a template. In order to optmize deployment time, to be treated as template such resource need to have following annotation added.


Templates have access to the following variables:

  1. CAPI Cluster instance. Keyword is Cluster
  2. CAPI Cluster infrastructure provider. Keyword is InfrastructureProvider
  3. CAPI Cluster kubeadm provider. Keyword is KubeadmControlPlane
  4. For cluster registered with Sveltos, the SveltosCluster instance. Keyword is SveltosCluster

Confidential data

Sometimes, confidential information is needed when deploying an helm release SecretRef. In this case Sveltos allows storing the information in a Secret. Sveltos will fetch it at deployment time.

Let's say we need to store username and password. We can create a Secret with those information. Then in the ClusterProfile.Spec.HelmCharts section we can instructs Sveltos on which Secret contains the information we need and how to fetch it.

      name: <SECRET NAME>
      namespace: <SECRET NAMESPACE>
    values: |
      password: "{{ printf "%s" .SecretRef.Data.PASSWORD | b64dec }}"
      username: "{{ printf "%s" .SecretRef.Data.USERNAME | b64dec }}