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To install Sveltos simply run:

kubectl apply -f

It will install Sveltos CRDs and resources.

If Prometheus operator is not present in your management cluster, you will see (and can ignore) following error:

error: unable to recognize "": no matches for kind "ServiceMonitor" in version ""

Sveltos uses the git-flow branching model. The base branch is dev. If you are looking for latest features, please use the dev branch. If you are looking for a stable version, please use the main branch or tags labeled as v0.x.x.

Get Sveltos Status​

Get Sveltos status and verify all pods are up and running

projectsveltos   access-manager-6f7fcdd95d-qwkwc           2/2     Running   0          2m2s
projectsveltos   classifier-manager-79b4485978-dz2xs       2/2     Running   0          2m2s
projectsveltos   fm-controller-manager-74558b7dd9-xjjrr    2/2     Running   0          7m6s
projectsveltos   sveltoscluster-manager-55f999f55d-4thzd   2/2     Running   0          2m2s


If you want to know more about how to configure Sveltos, please refer to this section.


Run sveltosctl as a pod

sveltosctl is not installed by default.

If you decide to run sveltosctl as a pod in the management cluster, here are the instructions:

kubectl create -f

kubectl create -f

Please keep in mind sveltosctl requires a PersistentVolume. So modify this section accordingly before posting the YAML.

  - metadata:
      name: snapshot
      accessModes: [ "ReadWriteOnce" ]
      storageClassName: "standard"
          storage: 1Gi

Once the pod is running,

 kubectl exec -it -n projectsveltos sveltosctl-0   -- ./sveltosctl --help

You might also want to change the timezone of sveltosctl pod by using specific timezone config and hostPath volume to set specific timezone. Currently:

  - hostPath:
      path: /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/Los_Angeles
      type: File
    name: tz-config