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Addon Distribution

Sveltos is a lightweight application designed to manage hundreds of clusters. It does so by providing declarative APIs to deploy Kubernetes add-ons across multiple clusters.

Sveltos focuses not only on the ability to scale the number of clusters it can manage, but also to give visibility to exactly which add-ons are installed on each cluster.

Sveltos comes with support to automatically discover ClusterAPI powered clusters. But it is not limited to that. Any other cluster (GKE for instance) can easily be registered with Sveltos. Then, Sveltos can manage Kubernetes add-ons on all the clusters seamless.

Sveltos managing clusters

How does Sveltos work?

Sveltos provides declarative APIs for provisioning Kubernetes add-ons such as Helm charts or raw Kubernetes YAML in a set of Kubernetes clusters.

Sveltos provides few custom resource definitions (CRDs) to be configured.

The idea is simple:

  1. from the management cluster, selects one or more clusters with a Kubernetes label selector;
  2. lists which Kubernetes add-ons need to be deployed on such clusters.

Quick example

By simply creating an instance of ClusterProfile, Sveltos can be instructed on what add-ons to deploy and where.

Following ClusterProfile instance is instructing Sveltos to deploy Kyverno helm chart in any cluster with label env:prod

Sveltos in action

Sveltos in action

For a quick video of Sveltos, watch the video Sveltos introduction on YouTube.

To know more about configuration, please take a look at this section.

More examples

  1. Deploy calico in each CAPI powered cluster clusterprofile.yaml
  2. Deploy Kyverno in each cluster clusterprofile.yaml
  3. Deploy multiple helm charts clusterprofile.yaml